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NCIS fan are you? Then join the NCIS Rumble!
A fun challenge for everyone where you gather points to win in the end of the round.

Read more about points and voting HERE

A rumble is a cross between a Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS) and a stillness. Instead of entering icons for voting and having eliminations, winners will be determined based on a points system gathered up each round.
No one is cut out of the round, there is no limit on skips and the points are awarded based on your actions during each round.

Mars and Livia

Icons: Livia of Rome.

As a pure Livz-crazy-hair-grabbing-fan I made icons about Livia of Rome [the show: the Warrior Princess; Season: five. Although, almost all the quotes are custom made].

- Icons: there are two kinds of icons, but they are all from the same serie.
The Quotes Icons and the Simple Icons, with un-moving images.
[The Quote-Icons are like candy - in different flavors]
Bloody, as always. Now enjoy. It’s an order.

MESSAGE TO MAMA: You are not fulfilling your part of the deal. Don’t make moi pull off my sweet little dagger, and slice the same message on your forehead.

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30 PSD's!

I just thought I should share something as I haven't shared in a while.
Anyway here is a zip with 30 coloring PSD's. All colorings are made on an awesome cap from Legend of the Seeker and of course Kahlan is the subject (just because I have a crush on her)!

This zip is password protected, to get the password comment and request it!
I will then send you the password in a personal message to you.

♥ Do not just change the cap! Alter it and make it your own.
♥ If you totally rip the coloring off, please credit me!
♥ Have fun iconing!

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I need a break

I seriously need a break from icon making. I'm not improving anything and I just get frustrated when I see all those AMAZING icons out there haha.
I'm not even close to them.
RCR where are you when I need you?
I hope it's not closed for good, cause then I will bowl my eyes out. It can't close like BCF did, it just can't! Okay I still have TDA but meh, I'm not a huge fan of that place anyway.
If BLM closes, I will smash something, YOU HEAR THAT KAREN! haha

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