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Paris picspam!

Wow this was the best thing ever!
We talked soooo much with Renee and her amazing manager Michelle! Michelle shared funny stories about Renee and SPOILERS! Yes you heard me haha. Me and Tilde are like the only ones who knows that now haha.
Anyway Michelle is one incredible person and yes I'm a fan of her.

I'm dying here, okay maybe not literally but yea you get the point.
This weekend was the best ever. I have never had this much fun, and I met so many people that I almost know and talked to them. I made new friends and it's amazing!

So I think I'm just going to report everything that happened, if I can remember haha. My mind is blocked out with Renee's, Nicholas and Michelle's awesomeness so yea.
Here we go!

The best day, or second best day. I can't decide haha. Me and Tilde went there and when the opening show was, everyone was talking French. We were thinking: "omg is it going to be like this the whole weekend?" haha. And then they finally asked if there was some English talking people in the audience. FINALLY! haha
Then later we found Lucie, or wait, Lucie found us! Finally someone who talks English. We became friends directly, and by the way, Lucie is incredible. When she's there, everyone is happy! She even made Renee laugh the first thing she did haha. The photoshoot with Renee this day was so incredible, but I'm embarrassed. First thing I ever said to Renee was: "I love you". Ehm yea. I told her that I paint her and she asked me if it was online. I said yea haha and later I gave her the address to my DA. That's how smart I am haha. Renee really talks a lot, and I love that! Might have been because we knew English, and none else did haha.
Oh and on the autograph session. I first gave her my painting, then we gave her a Teddy Moose we named Odin. It said Norway and Norge on it haha. Michelle took it and said "Aww that's so cute" haha and Renee said "Wait, I need to touch it". Then she said she was going to share it with her family. So amazing!
She talked very long with us actually at that session. She's so down to earth and I love that.
Then after the con, we went to the party. Ehm yea if you can call that a party. Anyway me, Lucie and Tilde had so much fun drawing things on each other haha. Lucie then crashed at our hotel, before she went to the hotel. You are incredible Lucie!

PS. Lucie stole Renee's water bottle! O_o

Way more people this day but it was still awesome. So Lucie was gone, but I found someone new to get to know. Coralie! I love that girl! She helped us in Paris haha. Anyway she jumped on me and asked if I were Emma. I got so surprised. Actually she did remember me from my forum. AWESOME!
So Coralie is awesome and now you know that. Anyway when we were doing the photoshoot this day, Renee comm
ented on my painting! She said that she liked it and then we talked a lot about painting and art. Yay us haha.
I told her that I love her style, and I really do. I need to start painting on rough paper like she does. It gets so amazing. Seriously Renee, get a deviantart account and upload your paintings with a watermark! You are so amazing and more people need to see that!
So awesome day!

Incredible day, I don't even know where to begin haha.
Renee had this crazy, amazing outfit and at first I wasn't going to do another photoshoot with her, but seriously who can resist it? I mean she looked so fabulous, so I just had to do it. When I got to her I said that I felt like I was stalking her or something like that. She just hugged me and said something like: "no your not, it's okay. I love it". I mean wow, you are that awesome Renee!
Oh and then we started to talk more to Michelle, who's Renee's manager. We had talked to her before when we bought stuff but this time we did it way more. Michelle is an incredible person. She's just like Renee and no wonder they're that good friends. We talked about anything really, and she shared stories about Renee and her. Hahah that was so funny. Oh and then she shared spoilers for the next 5 ways to... hahah. I know what it's going to be called and what it is about! YAY!
Then I got two autographs for 2 friends from Renee. First thing she says is "You should keep going with your art". I said: "Okay" in a happy voice and she laughed at me haha. Then we hugged and when I was going to let her go, she hugged me tighter. YOU MADE MY DAY! You and Michelle did!
Haha oh and yea Nicholas Brendon made my day too. I was going to take a pic of him and Tilde and I took it and yelled "Perfect". Everyone started to laugh and went "perfeeeect". Haha and then I see it's not perfect so I say "nooooooo it's not perfect, AGAIN!". Then they laughed so hard haha. So on the final pic, Tilde and Nicholas is laughing a lot haha.
Oh and then we went to the bus station and when we got there, I started to think that I wanted an autograph from Renee's manager cause she was so awesome. So we decided to go all the way back to the con. We came just in time, they were packing their things. Michelle laughed and said "You want more!?" haha. We said: "We just realized that we need your autograph and a photo with you". She said: "WHAT!? ME!?" hahah. That was so adorable. Then we brought up one of Renee's painting and she told us "I can't sign Renee's painting, that hers" haha. She did it anyway haha. She wrote "Thank you, and then her name". Then we took photos with her. I think that she was so happy, you could see that on her haha. Oh and Renee smiled at us so I think it was okay, right? haha
Amazing day! Then we saw Renee leave in the cab and wow. I will never forget this!

Renee, Michelle and Nicholas. YOU MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE! I love you for it!
I love that you are so normal. I love that you take your time for fans. You are simply the best!

So I have 3 autographs for my self from Renee. Got two for friends (Adrienne and Tobias) and then I have one from Michelle haha. Here are all that was for me:

It says: "To Emma, be well miss artist!". I love that she wrote personal messages on mine! She didn't do that oh many people. I actually just saw mine and Lucie's that had personal messages.

My painting! She has a copy of it and then she signed my copy. It says: "Thank you Emma. Trés Bien".

I had to buy two of Renee's paintings, of course. This one says: "To Emma, avec amour".

Then from Michelle! YAY! It says "Thank you" hahah. Love her!

Oh and yea here's me and Michelle:

Then I had 3 photoshoots with Renee, 3! I felt stalkish but Renee denied it hahah.

Haha oh this is such a funny story. Actually you weren't allowed to take photos during autographs, but I was allowed haha. They so loved me and Tilde lol.
Anyway so I took one pic and then yelled "Perfect!". Everyone yelled after me "Perfect!" and laughed. Then I realized that it wasn't, so I yelled "nooooo it's not perfect! AGAIN!". So yea everyone laughed so hard at me, that's why Nicholas is looking the way he is haha, and Tilde too of course.

Random pics from the con. I have soooo many of Renee and Nic. wow

I wanna thank Renee and Michelle for making it so special! ♥
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