May 26th, 2010

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I need a break

I seriously need a break from icon making. I'm not improving anything and I just get frustrated when I see all those AMAZING icons out there haha.
I'm not even close to them.
RCR where are you when I need you?
I hope it's not closed for good, cause then I will bowl my eyes out. It can't close like BCF did, it just can't! Okay I still have TDA but meh, I'm not a huge fan of that place anyway.
If BLM closes, I will smash something, YOU HEAR THAT KAREN! haha

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30 PSD's!

I just thought I should share something as I haven't shared in a while.
Anyway here is a zip with 30 coloring PSD's. All colorings are made on an awesome cap from Legend of the Seeker and of course Kahlan is the subject (just because I have a crush on her)!

This zip is password protected, to get the password comment and request it!
I will then send you the password in a personal message to you.

♥ Do not just change the cap! Alter it and make it your own.
♥ If you totally rip the coloring off, please credit me!
♥ Have fun iconing!